Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Blast

WHat a fabulous weekend!

I turned 21 for the 21st time.  Had a great weekend full of family and fun.

Megan made the best gluten free, dairy free cake!  Everyone had a piece! Delish!

Rockettes was fun...Mom made the best dinner!

Wish Conway could have made the sleep over last night.  Apparently he couldn't sleep because Markie was walking around on our hard wood floors with his cast on.  Conway said it "was annoying!!!".  Gotta love him!! So Uncle Mark brought him home at midnight!  Sorry Nel...was trying to let you get a good nights sleep...but that fell through...

I got the best present from Conway....Such a handsome pic!  I cant figure out where to put it. Diabetes....well we moved all our diabetic supplies down to the laundry room.  4 shelves FULL of CGM, pump, blood sugar, ketone supplies. See the pic I posted!!!
 I finally have my linen closet back...YEAH!!! I am sure all you Moms...on 3 month mail order supplies can appreciate this!
Well we have 4 pumpers on 3 month supplies! YIKES!!!
I have no fruit or veggie drawer in my fridge...its all insulin, pens, glucagon....Told hubby we need to build an extra room for the supplies.
Megan said "Yeah like the extreme couponers...but we are just extreme diabetes!!!"
Oh and Markie is in a half leg cast AGAIN!!! in 2 weeks, then orthotics and pyhsical therapy...all for a sprain!!! No break....I wish it was a break...would have made healing easier!

One week till Christmas!! 2 weeks until no more cast. One more week gluten free!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Has anyone ever even heard of such a thing??  Poor Markie.  What is he going to be able to eat??
So 200$ later and I got some gluten free stuff BUT it has egg in it!  Where do I draw the line.  The kid is gonna have to eat cardboard for the rest of his life!!!

We made some great cookies last night...gluten egg and milk free...and now gonna have to work with the school on letting him bring in some homemade foods.  What am I going to do!!  Just spoke with school nurse, who is awesome!!!

If this gluten free works, then the allergist is just going to have to let him have eggs back. It is nearly impossible to do all of this.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!!

So we started the family meeting this week....per Megan and Markie request.  This may end up being a good thing.  It helps them to talk with one another and work out some problems...with Mom and Dad right there.  Its really good for the whole family.  Come with an agenda...dont be critical, just be matter of factly and things can change for the better!! Markie is already making some great changes!  I am trying really hard.  I am liking this....and like it even better that it came from Megan and Markie! Kind of like my whole work life....changes work best when they come from the staff nurse!!!

Love it when things move in the right direction....but always a bump in the road to deal with....and once again The Foisys Will Fight and WIN!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Own Private Idaho!!!

So another month has come and gone.....along with 50 pounds from me!!!! YEAH!!! Things are going smooth....Learning how to eat again was fun!! Had a little set back, and had to get a dilation of my esophagus..but on the right track now! Exercising again too!! Life is good!

I love December!!! But I dont like this unseasonably warm weather!!

I brought Megan to Nutcracker on Sunday and we didn't even wear coats!  For some reason I would have rather of had a just didn't feel right!  None the less it was fabulous!

Megan is 13....yes I have a teenager!! But I have a sweet, smart, beautiful, charming, delighful, loving....13 year old teenager!! surgeries since May!!! WOOOHOOO...but we are dealing with a blood sugar over 600 right now....injured foot......tons of make up work from 1.5 weeks of missed school...and now not going to school tomorrow. Gotta have the foot xrayed and its monthly allergy shots day!!!

Never a dull moment!!

Whats even crazier is he is listening to b-52's right now.  We are looking up state capitals and Idaho came had to listen to "Private Idaho"...LOLLLL and he is 9!!

The ADA walk came and left!  Markie and Megan were the ambassadors! Was a great day for Team Fighting Foisy's...over 2000 raised and still counting!!  Markies school is doing a "Dimes for Diabetes" collection.  It was suppose to be for November, but I am going to give them one more week of collecting!! Thank you Brown School!!! Rock Lobstah!!! Everyone get up and dance....hoping he plays love shack next ; )

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall, My favorite time of year!

I am so glad I had this surgery in the fall. I love fall weather, colors, and fun activities.  Have done some fall foliage sight seeing, but only locally. Was hoping to go for a ride with hubby, but looks like it will not happen....because...I AM GOING BACK TO WORK!!! And yes I am happy.  I need structure in my life, and this is the only way I will accomplish it.  I am 3 weeks post bypass and feel great!  I think I have gotten this nausea thing under control.  The key is fluids!! I needed to drink like 20 ounces more a day!
I went to my first exercise class and support group today. I was able to ride 4 miles on the stationary bike, which I think is pretty damn good 3 weeks post op.

We all did the ADA diabetes walk Saturday.  It was great! Team fighting Foisy's raised over 2,000...and Megan and Markie were the grand marshalls!  They started the walk off with Vince Wilfork! WHat an amazing day. It was so great to see the kids in the limelight!  Check out the pictures I posted!!

Markie and Mark are off to Boston Childrens right now for Markie's sleep study.  Seriously, if he needs CPAP, then Megan and I are moving out! LOLLL I really dont think he needs CPAP, I think he needs his polyps removed again....and he needs to stick with his sinus rinses and pulmicort instillations.  But what do I know....I am only the mother that listens to his breathing every day!!!!

Why is it that a 9 year old doesnt understand preventative medicine.  If I had a nickel for every argument over the sinus rinses, I'd be a millionaire.  He just doesnt understand that if he kept it up AND the steroid in his nose, then we may not be in this postion again.  AND I do not believe in the check chart and reward system anymore!!! We have done it with him for 3 months now and no improvement.  So do I give up or continue the checks and rewards....and then once the reward is given, we are back to arguing over doing it all again!  ARGH!!!!

Looking forward to a peacful night with no snoring and no CPAP!!! YEAH!!! But I do love my guys!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Baby Steps!!

Well...6 days post op and all is well.  No complications yet. The nausea is tolerable now, hopefully diappearing soon.  My belly looks good.  I am forcing my self to get in water, and still have not managed to get in enough,    64 oz of fluids a day is my minimum. Yikes!! I can only take sips becasue my new "pouch" wont handle more than that.  If I take too big a sip I can feel the cramping as it tries to move on through.  Wierd feeling, but not paibful, just yet.  I will def. need to be conscious of my bites as I eat..need to take small bite and REALLY chew...chew...chew...!!
I am totally exhausted all day long!!  Morning seems to be my best time so far.  I am up 7am, feel pretty good. Walk around the house a little, cleaning picking up little things.  By 11 am I am ready to zonk out!  AND I can sleep for almst 4 hours!! This is def. not normal for me....I hope it goes away soon!!
I did hear from everyone about this feeling. 
So looking forward to my week ahead.  Gonna try some pureed foods, see what I can tolerate.  Hoping to go for a walk. And continue to catch up on all my tv sitcoms!!
Loving this rest!!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

A New Beginning

Tomorrow is the day.  There is no turning back now. One month of liquids, well I had few days in the middle where I ate some healthy foods....7 months of preperation...nutrition counseling, exercise monitoring, insurance flaws...and the day is here! 1pm will be here before I know it!! Hoping the surgery goes smoothly, and the recover is uneventful!
We start the day at Marks Lawyer!  We have a deal...and it includes Mark getting his job back!  Thank goodness!  So he will have another few injections in his back, some more therapy and then back to work! WOOOHOOO.
Markie is on a 5 day antibiotic course.  Hopefully this will work, if not then OR for him in 2-3 weeks!
So off to take some pre gastric bypass pictures.  I cannot wait to follow my journey.  I cannot wait to be able to jog, ride a bike again, play with the kids!! I am back on track exercising...but this will be excellent.

A few years back, I promised Megan we would swim with the dolphins for her 16th birthday...well she will be 13 in one month!  I WILL be swimming and dancing with those dolphins with her in 3 Aruba!! Her request!!  Hopefully Big Mark will follow the same path as me, once he is settled back into work...his weight loss journey will begin. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cant wait for MANIC MONDAY!!

So Monday is the beginning of my new life!!
I have been making this transition for 9 months now.  I am down 25 pounds...exercising again...feeling good!  I know this is the right thing to do!
Gastric bypass!
Now that all the insurance problems are fixed...its a go for Monday!
The hard thing is going to be trying to help Markie. He is miserable right now. Nebulizers every 4 hours, wheezing, stuffy nose is full of polyps. Going to ENT this afternoon and I am 99% sure it is going to result in a sinus clean out surgery.  Marke is wonderful...he says "you need to do your surgery, I will get Markie through this one"  I have stayed with Markie for every surgery. This will be the first one, if it is next week, that I cannot be there. I will be a nervous wreck. But I also know I need to do this procedure on myself now!!! ARGH!

I just rec'd some sad news as well on a long lost friend.  One of my "sisters" from my sorority is going through a really hard time right now.  It always hurts when you hear about others hard times. Wishing her hope!!

God really does work in mysterious ways!  Why do some people have to go through such challenging times?? Makes you wonder!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Markie is miserable. Just got out of doc and she said It's allergies...No SH"*!  He is complaining of a heavy chest and cant stop coughing....he needs a treatment.."No, he is not wheezing"...I know we just told you he is a cougher, he coughs, does not wheeze!! We have been through this a million times!!!

This is the argument my husband was having with his PCP.  Why do that just not get it. Markie is a complex case of allergies/asthsma.diabetes/HES...Mom and Dad know what works. The inhaler isnt working so he needs a nebulizer. He is already on prednisone....cannto take over the counter allergy meds...maxed out on everything.

Well he left office with no treatment! ARGH!!! So now home to do a saline neb instead.  Poor bugger!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


OK, so Markies allergies...he is allergic to TONS of molds. Now we are looking into mold testing in the house and mold removal. ARGH!! Could life get anymore complicated??
Lookignfor any ideas or suggestions on this topic.  I have homeowners coming by, but not sure what that is going to cover.  If anyone has gone through this please let me know!! I would love some advice!!!

School Daze!!!!

Well school started off without too many events. 

The end of summer was fabulous!!!
Kids Wish Network granted Markie a wish....what a great stress break and reliever for Markie. AND it was at an awesome time for him.  He was getting anxious about school and all the doctors vistits. He was at the end of his weekly allergy shots. He was missing out on yet another season of tackle football. AND I added another stressor of prepping for gastric bypass surgery.
So let's talk about them one at a time.

1.  School!! Well after missing 50 days of school last year, he is aleready worried about this year, and making some good sturdy freindships!  Being 9, and missing school does not mix well. Social connection is key at this age.  Markie love to chat and make friends, but having to miss school for surgeries and shots and doctors appts doesnt help him bond! Plus there is the constant bullying.  The school has tried to help, but Markie just needs to stand up for himself and let others know he isnt going to put up with the teasing and name calling!  Becasue he cannot phsically keep up, he is either left out, or late to the game, so chooses to be left out. 
He is a bright kid academically.  Passed all that with flying colors. Lets all hope this year goes smoother.

2.  Docotrs visits. Well we average about 4 of those a month.  GI, ENdo, PCP, Allergy, asthsma, the list goes on!  Now we are adding a few more to the list, whcih he is not ahppy about. BUT they will help him in the long how to fit it into our already busy and hectic schedule!!

3.  Football. Well he was signed up again to go ahead this year.  Last year he made it one week and I had to take him out.  He couldnt run one lap without taking his inhaler.  This year I though after all the shots he may be able to keep up...but no way!! Now we need to get his stamina AND asthma under better control!  He is on long term steroid treatment as well, whcih just makes me nervous about the bones.  His bone scan was good. Vit d and calcium every day help. But after 3 breaks last year, I was not willing to take the risk! We shall see what next year will bring
He did start Tae Kwan Do...which is going fairly well.  This is also helping with his self esteem and self control!! Now he is standing up to the bully!  He gives the bully 3 chances to with draw or he will have to face the consequences of Markie!! Well yesterday the standoff did end with a push...but this time it was Markie...and the bully ran off !!! YEAH!! I of course dont encourage physical fighting, but Markie tried and was standing up for himself and a friend, and family.  There were comments made about his family that he did not like!!!

4.  Me---well Surgery is around the corner, and all of us...seem to be ready for this.  Now if insurance would just give the OK, we can get that behind us!!!

5.  And Never forget..MEGAN!!!! She is doing so well.  Loved our Vegas trip and then our California vacation!  My little girl is now 5'7" and towering over me!  I tease her all the time...but love that she is so tall!  She is starting first year of Pointe!! We both are nervous, but she wants to try.  Hoping her knees and ankles can handle it.  She has a "knock Knees" and an ankle problem...cant remeber the medical term right we need to be cautious of her! 
I cannot believe she will be 13 on November 17th.  Where has the time gone!!  I still remember that first birthday!! She had such cute curls and a beautiful pink dress!!! Precious!!!

Well gonna get some picture of Markies wisht trip up.  Legoland was fabulous!!! Kids Wish Network is fabulous....check out Markies story here...

If you are looking for a new charity...please consider Kids Wish Network!  The trip was smooth, uneventful, relaxing. Dinner was planned and paid for.  Airline was uneventful. Markie was treated as a King every where we went!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Just an update....things actually went OK last evening.  Not sure why, we will see how today goes!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burn Out!!!!

OK it's official....Markie has complete burn out , not just diabetes but all illnesses in general.  And it is wearing all Foisy's out.  Megan is still doing great with diabetes. Markie could care less if he checked his blood sugar, bolused, or counted carbs!!! I have even thought that I should just let him do what he wants for a day, he will get very ill, and then realize we are not doing this just to piss him off!!! Stop all meds, saline nasal rinses, inhalers, shots....and see how his breathing and sleeping is!!!

But if I did that....they would take my kids away!  And I would never willfully not give my kids there meds. 

Venting helps, but as soon as I get off this computer, and drive home, I am sure that arguing or frustration will begin....because this is when he does nasal rinse, and his blood sugar always spikes now...making him an angry little boy!!!

OK...gonna go now...we will see whats in store !!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

summer fun!!!

Well it has been an uneventful summer, which is great!!  Markie is doing well, Megan had a fabulous dance time in Las Vegas...Mark is still fighting this injury from work. He is slowly getting better.
 Why is it that I always need to be doing something!! Seriously..with 4 diabetics, and Markie's other health things, how can I find myself bored!!! Crazy...but I will be happy to get back into the chaos of school and me teaching!  That is when I am the happiest!! I love to see my kids on a schedule and me too! 
Megan sleeps until 11!!! And she is 12!! What am I in for with the teens!  Well I can tell you she wont be sleeping until 11 then! I am gonna nick that right in the butt! Dance, work, and chores!  Actually I cant complain..she is such a great kid.  See, I threw my back out...very sore, had MRI awaiting results, well My little Megan took it upon herself to do laundry......yes I said laundry!! She sorted everything, pit in washer, then hung to dry, and put in drier!  I just love that girl!!! And she is always helping Dad!

....Markie,well, he at least is trying to get his dirty clothes in some sory of laundry basket!  He needs a lot more grooming than Megan ever did...

Endo went OK. Megan stayed with a1c of 8.6. Markie went from 8.6 to 9.6,=. Yikes!!!  Big Mark and I are the problem...we are just too afraid he will have another bad low resulting in a seizure!  The after effects of that one hypoglycemis seizure will last a lifetime!  If anyone has ever experienced watching their child go through this trauma, then you know what I am talking about.  Yes, Im a nurse, and I know that we need to cover all carbs, and correct all high's...but there is always that fear in our minds.  Big Mark still stays up every night until midnight to check him!!  I am considering getting another baby monitor for his room.  The CGM is still amongst the missing, so I cannot rely on that alarm anymore.  Plus being on prednisone and other crazy meds for his nose, his bloods still go all over the place.

So...we are at least going to try and cover all carbs, and Mark agrees to correct his midnight to 180.  Hopefully things will look better in 3 months!!

Oh and Yes, we are off to Legoland in 3 weeks!  Markie was fortunate to have a wish granted from Kids Wish Network!!! LOVE THEM!!! All expenses paid trip for 4 for 4 nights!  Markie needs a good vacation, and a good event to talk about!!! Cant wait for the TSA security check, luggage, and heat!  Oh and yes an 8 hour flight!! WOOHOO!!!

Friday, July 08, 2011

We will make it!

So I just remembered that Megan's 6th year anniversary of diagnosis has come and gone.  On June 29th, 2004, I rec'd probably the most shocking news I had dreaded and watched out for, for 6 years, since she was born.  I always had a gut feeling that it would be my kids that would be diagnosed.  The belief is it skips a generation, and since I wasn't a diabetic yet, I figured it skipped me and was going to be my kiddos.  Well, we sure blew that theory out the window!!! Cause Megan and I were diagnosed within one month of each other.
So, now 7 years later, Megan and I are preparing to travel to a national dance competition in Vegas.  There will be lots of challenges in managing and travelling with diabetes!!  So here's the list of items for carry on....ready!!
6 costumes, tights, shoes, makeup!!
Pump supplies for Megan and me....which means 20 sets and 5 bottles insulin.
glucose tablets
2 glucometers
5 bottles test strips
juice boxes and snacks
letters from docs stating we need to carry all this in our carry on.
Think Ill make it through security??? And this is just the necessities, never mind the stuff to keep us busy for the 4 hour flight to Vegas.
Cant wait though, gonna be a great time. And I have travelled with diabetes supplies many of times, so will survive this one too! Gonna be quite an adventure!
Markie had his 9th birthday on July 4th.  Was a great celebration...fireworks and all!  His anniversary is coming up next month.  It will be 5 years since he was diagnosed.  That has been the easy part of his little life!  His other ailments are more challenging!  I love to read other parents blogs about living with diabetes, and the challenges we all come across.  I get sort of angry, and I really shouldn't, I just want to think your life is bad...look at this poor kiddos, or how about all those children we see at Boston Children's.  Seriously, life could be a lot worst!  I thank God every day for my life, my kids, my husband, my challenges.  I look back and know, I wouldn't change a thing, because life is what makes us who we are. Yes there will be some bumps in the road, we have to make tough choices and decisions, but it all works out in the end.  My husband always says" We will make it, God willing, somehow we will make it!!!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Burn out.....again!!!

Well...I think I have finally reached some sort of burn out...School has ended. Markie tipped the scale with 47 absences....but is moving on to 4th grade! Thanks to the tutoring and constant battle of keeping him up to date with the work! Megan had an awesome successful first year of middle school. Highest honors 3 quarters and Principals list once.  I am so proud of her!!
 Megan has had 2 more dance competitions, and we are heading to Vegas in 2 weeks for Nationals competition with her team.  Cant wait! Gonna be great fun...but busy...busy..busy. Will be just the girls for this trip. Nanny and Kenzie joining us...YEAH!!!  Markie is status quo...never made it back to baseball after last surgery.
So what else can I it's a different battle. Keeping the kiddos occupied.  Keeping blood sugars stable. Keeping moods stable.  Keeping Markie breathing!! ARGH!!! The pumping isnt going too well when he is swimming.  But Megan does fine.  Megan has a great sense of her body, and her blood sugars.  Markie can go from >600 to <100 in 2 hours...and not feel a thing.  HOW!! When I am over 250 I feel it, I have a headache, nausea, etc.  Then when you over cover, the low feeling shaky, hungry, feeling like you will pass out.  But he feels NOTHING. I do see it in his mood, but then again, he could be a 9 year old boy just being moody.
We still have not found the CGM. I wonder how long do I have to wait to try and get another one?  Maybe I will get one for myself and use it on Markie.   I would also love to get one for Megan.  Oh Megan....she is still not putting in her own pump.  She gets so nervous and worked up...Mark and I need to do it.  I am hoping this ends soon.  Its not a big deal, I just hate to see her anxious and nervous about it. how do you train a 9 year old to realize that we do not make him do all these medicines, saline nasal rinses, weekly allergy shots, constant blood sugars, pump changes, carb counting, etc....all for his health.  Every night it is the same battle, whining, crying, time outs for Mommy and Daddy....Hoping it all turns around some day....'cause the Foisy's are burnt!!!

I know one day it will all be history....And I'll write a book!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

16 wonderful, loving , challenging years

Well, today is Mark and my 16th wedding anniversary.  In the hustle of our busy hectic lives, I almost forgot!  I will never forget that of the best days of our lives.  It was a beautiful hot day...I believe it was in the 90's, but I was in such a daze, that the heat never bothered me!! I had a long sleeve wedding gown on, made by my mother!!  A great family friend, Barbara Downey, God rest her soul, helped make the train of my gown.  I will post a pic later today....

I remember the ride to the church, walking down the meet the man of my life..and he looked TOTALLY different.  I couldn't figure it out until I got right next to him....HE BOUGHT NEW GLASSES on the day of our wedding. had all that time on your hands to purchase new glasses.  God I love him....some of the things he does may be a little outrageous, but he does them to make everyone happy!! Well, I got a good laugh and have a great story to keep telling for the years to come!
So it is 16 years later....where has the time gone! 
Well we've had 2 houses, but sold 2 also, had to sell the Foisy's home so Connie a Rolly could move in with us. 
We have 2 beautiful wonderful children.
We have had 2 cats, and 2 dogs.
We have had multiple fish!
We have gone on many fabulous vacations, with and without the kids, with many more to come.
We have lived through GRAD school.  Those were challenging years!
We have lived through all 4 diagnosis of diabetes and all the ups and downs that come with it.
We have lived through Many health concerns.
We have lived through the fear of losing jobs.
The list goes on.....If we can survive all this, we can certainly make it another 16 years!!
Kim Shea-Foisy

Looking forward to the rest of our difficult, challenging, loving rest of our lives!!!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

I am Mark Foisy

I had to post these two poems. Markie wrote these in school.  3rd grade.  These poems tell it all.

I am Poem.
I am amazing and smart.
I wonder why bears walk on 2 legs instead of 4.
I hear the bugs outside.'
I see my dog Harry.
I want my family yo always stay healthy.
I am amazing and smart.

I pretend I am the king.
I feel happy.
I touch clouds.
I worry about if I am going to have to have another surgery.
I cry before I have surgeries.
I am amazing and smart.

I understand God is real.
I say one day I won't have a lot of surgeries.
I dream about being king.
I try to be neat.
I hope my family stays healthy.
I am amzing and smart.


Brother of Megan Foisy
Who loves basketball, video games and TV
Who feels happy about his friends
WHo needs clothes, books and a family
Who gives love, conversation and work
Who fears poisonous snakes, broken bones and hospitals
Who would like to meet Kevin Garnet
Who dreams of living in a mansion
A student Of Mrs. Kinnaly

Another one under the belt

Well, Markie had is 6th sinus surgery last Wed.  All went OK.  I just cannot keep doing this to the poor kiddo.  It really is taking a toll on him.  He just wants it all to end.  Getting angry all the time and depressed!!!  Someday this will all be behind us...I keep trying to stay positive.  I am hoping he will come on and post this evening.  It would be good for him to get things off his chest. 
So also being on the steroids and antibiotics has not helped matters.  Saturday...we had a party to go to.  He is suppose to do NOTHING for a week after the surgery.  Well, he was sitting watching everyone play in the bouncy, so I finally gave in and let him jump. Seriously, if he gets a nose bleed, well, That is an easy fix right now in his life!  So, blood sugars were in 500's...I bolus-ed him twice, he goes in bouncy and one hour later....blood sugar 90.  GREAT!!! So now I am pushing the sugar in him....Hour later 80...more sugar....And of course he remained in the 300's all evening and night!
And then the attitude comes out....well, I don't blame him at all for getting angry and can one function with that big of a fluctuation in blood sugars.

Any ideas on dealing with anger in an 8 year old???? I am running out of options!!!

Does anyone else ever have trouble with blood sugars when child on antibiotic??  I have got the steroid effect under control, but the antibiotic seems to be changing things a lot.  And I don't recall it happening to him before. 

Megan had a great fun weekend with her best-est friend...whom turned 13.  Where has the time gone??  It seems like yesterday when we were at my friends house, and introducing them for the first time.  Megan crawling around with her curls, Abby, walking and holding on to shelves with her trademark ponytails!  Love these two girls.  They are miles apart now and still get along so great!!  It is great to have such close friends.  Markie gets along so great with William too, and considers him his best-est friend also.  2 years age difference with those two, but still have same interestest. 

More later....

Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, Thank goodness it is Friday.  Markie is off to the YMCA with Uncle Evan...let's hope his pump stays on.  Not sure how he can swim when he cannot breathe through his nose.  He did his pre-op stuff today for his 6th sinus surgery on Wednesday.  Let's hope for a fun weekend before then!! Still need to make a decision about the medicine.  Big Mark is reading all the material now so we can decide.  It is Xolair, if anyone has any info!
 Also, still have a black cat for anyone!

 Sorry...not much going on ....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So Markie had yet another restless night.  Tossing and turning, snoring, sleep apnea....I don't know how he can function BUT sent him off to school anyways. There is no way he will absorb any new education the school has to offer him today, but at least he won't have 40 absences...only 39! lolll YES at least 39 absences this year, and I am sure I miscounted and it is in the 40's.  Thank God Peabody supplied him with a tutor for 3 hours a week. She is the reason Markie will be moving on to 4th grade.
I got home from work at 830pm, Markie is miserable at counter putting ice on his nose trying to make his sinus pain go away.  I told him the surgery is for NEXT Wed, and he just had a meltdown, "I cannot make it that long Mom!".....ARGH!!!

Where can I bring him to get away from all these allergies!! IS that the answer.  They want to give him this drug, which could cause a sever allergic reaction...DO I GIVE IT???
Can we hold off on the surgery, like the allergist wants to do??  But the ENT and Markie want to do it!  And then on top of it all is his diabetes....throw prednisone in there and that is now out of control...which is the only thing I can control on him!!!

OK enough whining!  Looking forward to Megan's softball game.  Hoping and praying Markie makes it through this school day. 
Don't forget, big Mark had his injections in his back...I really do hope it helps him!  This guy NEEDS to get back to work!! I love having him own nanny/cook...but he needs to get back to work, for his sanity!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we go AGAIN!!!

Well, what a weekend!  My kids are so amazing!! Megan had her softball game Friday night, then had her dance recital Saturday (3.5 hours later), and then she came and stood in the cold misty day at the ADA Tour de Cure volunteering for 6 hours!! Markie did his hip hop routine at the recital, and volunteered as well...but he really just laid on the grass, moaned and groaned and then ate the food!  But really they were soooo good! 
Yes, so another day of volunteering under our belts. I love to work with the ADA, they are raising money for such a great cause....A CURE FOR ALL TYPES OF DIABETES....type one...type 2....type 1.5....gestational...and all the in-betweens!!
See our family fits into all these categories!  We are extremely unique, and have all sorts of crazy antibodies, and pancreas cells!!
We did meet a few new families from the North Shore area, and are looking forward to hooking up with them at some of the ADA events in the future! I think for now, the Foisy's may have a few months off before we need to start raising funds for the walk....Anyone can join us!!!

Well, now for the bad Markie will be having his 5th sinus surgery...His cat Scan showed that he is FULL of polyps again!  Seriously!! Prednisone and 2 surgeries since November....where the heck do all the cells come from....and why are they blocking my son's nose!!!!  So he is back on prednisone, which means the CGM needs to go back on that poor scarred up belly.  I am hoping this one lasts longer that 3 months!!! We are going to be doing a new medication...yes of course its a shot, and I have to bring him to Mass General for it, I think once a month. So add that to the weekly allergy shots, which don't seem to be doing anything!!!

BTW....does anyone want a cat....fat black long haired Penny!!! She has all here shots, she is about 9 years old...LOVES to be patted!  Indoor cat, but she does go in the back yard now.

OK...gotta work now..!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Belly!

Well, Markie has been using the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) off and on now since February.  We put him on it becasue of the seizure he had from the God Awful LOW!  It has been a useful tool in showing the trends his blood sugar does. He goes from 300 at midnight to 60 around 3am, then back up to 100's...with no bolusing and various rates on his basal for night time. CRAZY!!! Well anyways, his belly looks horrible from all th CGM sites. I am using bactroban, but not working. I am afraid this may be scarring his belly. I mean, not that he's going to be any swimsuit model some day, but I dont want his belley looking like he has some crazy diaease/skin disorder either!  So if anyone out there, reading these blogs has any tips, please comment me back!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another bad night

I don't know how Markie can function.  His nose is completely blocked again.  He is begging me to have the sinus surgery again.  He has had 5 FESS in the past 12 months. I am not joking!  I have begged his doctor to please figure out something different. I have tears in my eyes all day today at work, just thinking about my poor kiddo at home, still trying to get some sleep.  He only gets about 4 hours a night.  The prednisone was weaned off because of his bone breaks.  He was on prednisone since November. I am sure that he will get a FESS in next week or two, and will be going back on prednisone. This is not the life for an 8 year old boy.  Diabetes is the easy part of his life right now.  The allergy shots don't seem to be doing anything yet. He has had 7 months worth already. 
He has been to 5 doctors for this.  And each one keeps saying we are doing all we can do.  I just want a miracle fix so my kiddo can play, run, do sports, go to school!!!
Does anyone have any ideas??
Has anyone heard of something like this...sever allergies, causing polyps and swelling, and thick secretions reulting in blocked maxillary, frontal and ethmoid sinuses...requiring a FESS (sinus clean out surgery) every 3-4 months??? 
Markie needs a miracle now!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh what a Night!!!

So....thought I'd get to bed and get a good nights sleep. NOT!! Markie decided to sleep in my bed because he was scared. This happens off and on since his seizure in January from a sever low blood sugar.  And of course Mark and I don't argue.  If he is right nest to me, then I can wake to his Continuous blood monitor when it alarms. Well, it alarmed all night.  Midnight he is high...check his blood sugar and he is 351. Then I cannot get back to sleep because the poor kiddos nose is completely stuffed and swollen again, so he snores and tossed and turns. Finally at 1am, I get him on his side in a perfect spot where he is not snoring. YEAH!!! Sleep...until 430 am when the CGM alarms because he is going too low.  Check his blood it is 110. PERFECT! But it has 1 arrow down, which means he is dropping. SO now at 430 am I need to make a lifethreatening or saving decision. And on 4 hours sleep. DO I wake him, give him sugar tablets, and then risk not being able to get back to sleep, or let him go. See if I let him go, I know his liver is gonna kick in and spit out some glucose. The CGM has shown me that pattern every night. But what if this is the night his liver decides not to spit out some glucose, like it did that one night in January!!!. OMG What do I do.....well I went back to sleep while making this decision, and woke up to another alarm at 6am....Hi predicted. This is what his body does every night.  How can he function in the morning|?? He is so resilient.  Just like Megan...taking the sugar tabs and running back out to stage. So needless to say, we all stayed home today.  Megan becasue she is tired from her long day of dance, Markie becasue he tossed and turned half the night and got horrible sleep, and me well... I'm tired too!! So this is a typical Foisy night.  Mark stays up until midnight, and I take over at midnight, hoping to hear every alarm on the CGM...or hoping God wakes me, like he did that night in January!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, what a way to end the weekend.  Megan got 5 golds at her competition. And yesterday was 4 softball games...I'm exhausted!!! Meg is too! Well she did great with the "d" management as well.  Only had 2 low's..sucked down the sugar tabs, threw some in the pocket of her costume and right back out on stage!  She is amazing. I really don't know how she does it. When I go lo...I can't do ANYTHING!! She eats the sugar tabs and is right back at it, whether it be softball, dance, shooting hoops with her brother!! She is a special girl! We enjoy our dance days together!! Can't wait or Vegas in July!


Well, today is Megans dance competition, one of 4 this year.  I always have trouble deciding if we should keep the pump on or go with Lantus.  She dances all day, snacks in between.  The pump comes off when she is on stage, then right back on.  Personally I would rather do the Lantus, but Megan does not.  We'll see how it goes!! Markie is finally playing baseball...all broken bones on the mend..for now! Now Markie loves lantus and would rather have that than shots.  I may let him try this summer.  He gives his own shots when he is on Lantus, so may be a good thing for him! Gives him some control over his own diabetes and no annoying CGM beeping.

Ok off we go!!

BTW Prednisone has finally been stopped for Markie. YEAH!!! Downside is his nose is stuffy and surgery again soon...Hoping he can make until end of June..Keep those positive thoughts coming! Really not looking forward to another sleepless night in those lovely hospital chair beds!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I cannot figure this picture thing out

It is going to be a long while before I get those pictures on here of the night of Megans diagnosis.  I am getting a little aggravated.
It was quite the night as I said...and she doesnt look ill at all.  In fact, after we met our Endocrinologist, we went to North Conway for a week.  We spent 4 days with the Shea's...and 2 nights with Abby and William...Meagn and Markies lifelong friends....and their Mom, my lifelong friend Kristen.  We had a great time!

Aside from the fact I had to bring Megan to ER for fever and earache...of course she was gonna get ill...We were on vacation!! Actually I think both kids were ill...and in the ER. Funny how these things all come back to you!

Well, Megan has only had a few illnesses...Markies are all a blur.OK...will try again tomorrow!!!


Well, yesterday was a busy day.1 doc visit for me, and 2 for Markie.  He got his weekly allergy shots....4 all at different times.  Thye usually have 2 nurses and tag team him, so it is like getting only 2 shots. But guess they were down a nurse today.  He does so good with it though.  Still makes me sad....and mad that he has to go through all this.  Good news is one more week of prednisone and then off.  Keep fingers crossed his nose stays open....Although I am not so positive right I was up all night (for another reason), but while I was up I heard him snoring....☻ Makes me sad because when this starts he usually gets surgery within a month.
Well my blood sugars are whacky...I have been consistently over 300 since last night at supper. I feel horrible, tired, and soooo thirsty.  Sometimes we Moms forget about ourselves, becasue we get so wrapped up in our kiddos.  Well hoping it comes down soon...don't want to start spilling ketones!! No time for Mom to get sick!!!
Megan...God bless her, she was up until 3am doing another project!!! Sixth grade should not take up this much of your life.  I remeber 6th grade clearly, and I didnt do half of what she has done.  Plus she gets highest honors or principal's list each time.  So proud of her!!
OK...Gotta go back to work.  Maybe a nap soon too!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday evening...

Well Celtics are on...I love hearing Markie scream at the TV. He is turning into a little man...☺So Markie got diagnosed on August 1.  Just 3 months after he was able to have food with milk protein in it.  See he was allergic, took him off, and 2 years later He had a scope whcih showed his allergy was gone.  So we put him back on milk, re-scoped and he still looked good.  So...we THOUGHT he was doing good, but that was just a dream.  Diabetes in 2008, Insulin pump in 2009, Eosinophilic esophagitis back, 3/2010 and the worst it has ever been.  At this time...March 2010 he also underwent his first of numerous Sinus surgeries, endoscopes, and bronchoscopies.  So, as of today, he is allergic to Milk, eggs, Mushrooms, pineapples, and trees, molds, grass, pollen, oak, cats, and a few more things that I cannot recall.  SO, do you see why I say diabetes is the easy part of our lives.  Markie takes more Medicines than Mark and I combined...and he is still smiling!!!! 3 fractures this year....multiple ER visits....weekly allergy shots (4 that is, 2 shots in each arm)...and too many Doctors visits to list out. Well that sure is the abbreviated version....The Foisy's have been through many scares in 2010, and early 2011....hoping our luck changes soon!!! Oh yes, and Big Mark is still out of work with excruciating back pain, leg and arm numbness from a fall at work into a hole in July2010...Yes the 6'6" man fell into a 4 foot hole, and manged to walk away with fractured ribs, torn meniscus is knee, and multiple level spine problems....But if it weren't for that fall....well who would be home to take care of Markie!!! Mark and I seem to look back and laugh at each and every medical moment.
OK..gotta go watch Game 2 of Celt's! Let's hope for some luck of the Irish!!!♣

Tuesday May 3, 2011

Well, I haven't figured out how to get the pictures on of the day Megan was diagnosed, so bear with me.  I will also put up a lside show of our first advocacy adventure with the ADA.  We went to Capitol Hill in D.C. This was such a memorable moment in our lives.  Before doing the political thing, we got to do some sight seeing.  We had missed the cherry blossoms, but it was beautiful.  The strongest and most touching memory I have is the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier.  Markie was 5 years old, and he was awe strucken by this event.  We had to drag him away from the tomb so we could move on.  He was quiet, well behaved, and just fascinated by the whole scene.  When we got back on the bus, he turned and looked at me and said "Mommy....I want to be a soldier for the tomb some day!"  It took all my energy to hold in my sorrow.  Markie CANNOT serve in the military becasue of his diabetes.  This is a moment in our lives I will never forget.  Who would have ever thought, I, as a mother, would WANT my child to serve in the military.  I guess it is just as the saying goes, "you always want what you cannt have!!"  Well, off to work I go.
I will try and get those pictures up this afternoon!!  Peace, Love and Insulin.....Kim ( I stole that saying, it is not my own ☺, gotta love Clara Barton Camp for Diabetes).

Monday, May 02, 2011

Our History

Hello...Welcome to my life!  My mother keeps telling me I should write a book, so this is how I will do it.
It all started June 30, 2004.  That was the day Megan was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  I will never forget the moment...I checked her blood sugar after we had a wonderful evening out on a whale watch.  Check out the pictures in my photos. Seh doesn't look sick at all, does she!  Nope! Because I was neurotic and caught it right away. I called her peditrician, ran outside, screamed and cried, and then called my mom.  She came right over and came with us to the ER.  Mark stayed home with Markie, as he was only 2 years old.  Now that I think about it..I can't believe I left poor Mark behind!
 The Doctors and nurses were fabulous. I worked with them. Megan came home with me, and we immediately went into Joslin the next day.  We met with the diabetes educator, and had an appointment in 2 weeks to meet our new lifelong friend, Dr. Lori Laffell.  She already knew me, as she was my sister's endocrinologist and she took us right on, even though she was closed to new patient's. went on. Megan adjusted so well.  Mark and I went through a lot of education and challenges.  Mark is the best Dad, I could never have lived through this life without him.
So 2 years later, August 1, 2006, little Markie was diagnosed. Again, I was neurotic and caught it very early.  He was able to come home with us. We managed him at home, adn got into to see Dr. Laffell the following week.  When Markie was diagnosed, he was actually happy.  At this point in time he was the oddball.  Mark, myself and Megan were all counting carbs, and bolusing through pump or injection.

Flash forward to 2008.  This is when we became very active with the American Diabetes Association.  They have supported and educated us on advocacy, politics, health, school policies, and so much more. post I will tell you about schools and diabetes and how to advocate for your child rights!!!