Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Has anyone ever even heard of such a thing??  Poor Markie.  What is he going to be able to eat??
So 200$ later and I got some gluten free stuff BUT it has egg in it!  Where do I draw the line.  The kid is gonna have to eat cardboard for the rest of his life!!!

We made some great cookies last night...gluten egg and milk free...and now gonna have to work with the school on letting him bring in some homemade foods.  What am I going to do!!  Just spoke with school nurse, who is awesome!!!

If this gluten free works, then the allergist is just going to have to let him have eggs back. It is nearly impossible to do all of this.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!!

So we started the family meeting this week....per Megan and Markie request.  This may end up being a good thing.  It helps them to talk with one another and work out some problems...with Mom and Dad right there.  Its really good for the whole family.  Come with an agenda...dont be critical, just be matter of factly and things can change for the better!! Markie is already making some great changes!  I am trying really hard.  I am liking this....and like it even better that it came from Megan and Markie! Kind of like my whole work life....changes work best when they come from the staff nurse!!!

Love it when things move in the right direction....but always a bump in the road to deal with....and once again The Foisys Will Fight and WIN!!!!

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