Sunday, September 25, 2011

School Daze!!!!

Well school started off without too many events. 

The end of summer was fabulous!!!
Kids Wish Network granted Markie a wish....what a great stress break and reliever for Markie. AND it was at an awesome time for him.  He was getting anxious about school and all the doctors vistits. He was at the end of his weekly allergy shots. He was missing out on yet another season of tackle football. AND I added another stressor of prepping for gastric bypass surgery.
So let's talk about them one at a time.

1.  School!! Well after missing 50 days of school last year, he is aleready worried about this year, and making some good sturdy freindships!  Being 9, and missing school does not mix well. Social connection is key at this age.  Markie love to chat and make friends, but having to miss school for surgeries and shots and doctors appts doesnt help him bond! Plus there is the constant bullying.  The school has tried to help, but Markie just needs to stand up for himself and let others know he isnt going to put up with the teasing and name calling!  Becasue he cannot phsically keep up, he is either left out, or late to the game, so chooses to be left out. 
He is a bright kid academically.  Passed all that with flying colors. Lets all hope this year goes smoother.

2.  Docotrs visits. Well we average about 4 of those a month.  GI, ENdo, PCP, Allergy, asthsma, the list goes on!  Now we are adding a few more to the list, whcih he is not ahppy about. BUT they will help him in the long how to fit it into our already busy and hectic schedule!!

3.  Football. Well he was signed up again to go ahead this year.  Last year he made it one week and I had to take him out.  He couldnt run one lap without taking his inhaler.  This year I though after all the shots he may be able to keep up...but no way!! Now we need to get his stamina AND asthma under better control!  He is on long term steroid treatment as well, whcih just makes me nervous about the bones.  His bone scan was good. Vit d and calcium every day help. But after 3 breaks last year, I was not willing to take the risk! We shall see what next year will bring
He did start Tae Kwan Do...which is going fairly well.  This is also helping with his self esteem and self control!! Now he is standing up to the bully!  He gives the bully 3 chances to with draw or he will have to face the consequences of Markie!! Well yesterday the standoff did end with a push...but this time it was Markie...and the bully ran off !!! YEAH!! I of course dont encourage physical fighting, but Markie tried and was standing up for himself and a friend, and family.  There were comments made about his family that he did not like!!!

4.  Me---well Surgery is around the corner, and all of us...seem to be ready for this.  Now if insurance would just give the OK, we can get that behind us!!!

5.  And Never forget..MEGAN!!!! She is doing so well.  Loved our Vegas trip and then our California vacation!  My little girl is now 5'7" and towering over me!  I tease her all the time...but love that she is so tall!  She is starting first year of Pointe!! We both are nervous, but she wants to try.  Hoping her knees and ankles can handle it.  She has a "knock Knees" and an ankle problem...cant remeber the medical term right we need to be cautious of her! 
I cannot believe she will be 13 on November 17th.  Where has the time gone!!  I still remember that first birthday!! She had such cute curls and a beautiful pink dress!!! Precious!!!

Well gonna get some picture of Markies wisht trip up.  Legoland was fabulous!!! Kids Wish Network is fabulous....check out Markies story here...

If you are looking for a new charity...please consider Kids Wish Network!  The trip was smooth, uneventful, relaxing. Dinner was planned and paid for.  Airline was uneventful. Markie was treated as a King every where we went!!

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