Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burn Out!!!!

OK it's official....Markie has complete burn out , not just diabetes but all illnesses in general.  And it is wearing all Foisy's out.  Megan is still doing great with diabetes. Markie could care less if he checked his blood sugar, bolused, or counted carbs!!! I have even thought that I should just let him do what he wants for a day, he will get very ill, and then realize we are not doing this just to piss him off!!! Stop all meds, saline nasal rinses, inhalers, shots....and see how his breathing and sleeping is!!!

But if I did that....they would take my kids away!  And I would never willfully not give my kids there meds. 

Venting helps, but as soon as I get off this computer, and drive home, I am sure that arguing or frustration will begin....because this is when he does nasal rinse, and his blood sugar always spikes now...making him an angry little boy!!!

OK...gonna go now...we will see whats in store !!!!

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