Thursday, May 05, 2011

I cannot figure this picture thing out

It is going to be a long while before I get those pictures on here of the night of Megans diagnosis.  I am getting a little aggravated.
It was quite the night as I said...and she doesnt look ill at all.  In fact, after we met our Endocrinologist, we went to North Conway for a week.  We spent 4 days with the Shea's...and 2 nights with Abby and William...Meagn and Markies lifelong friends....and their Mom, my lifelong friend Kristen.  We had a great time!

Aside from the fact I had to bring Megan to ER for fever and earache...of course she was gonna get ill...We were on vacation!! Actually I think both kids were ill...and in the ER. Funny how these things all come back to you!

Well, Megan has only had a few illnesses...Markies are all a blur.OK...will try again tomorrow!!!

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