Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh what a Night!!!

So....thought I'd get to bed and get a good nights sleep. NOT!! Markie decided to sleep in my bed because he was scared. This happens off and on since his seizure in January from a sever low blood sugar.  And of course Mark and I don't argue.  If he is right nest to me, then I can wake to his Continuous blood monitor when it alarms. Well, it alarmed all night.  Midnight he is high...check his blood sugar and he is 351. Then I cannot get back to sleep because the poor kiddos nose is completely stuffed and swollen again, so he snores and tossed and turns. Finally at 1am, I get him on his side in a perfect spot where he is not snoring. YEAH!!! Sleep...until 430 am when the CGM alarms because he is going too low.  Check his blood it is 110. PERFECT! But it has 1 arrow down, which means he is dropping. SO now at 430 am I need to make a lifethreatening or saving decision. And on 4 hours sleep. DO I wake him, give him sugar tablets, and then risk not being able to get back to sleep, or let him go. See if I let him go, I know his liver is gonna kick in and spit out some glucose. The CGM has shown me that pattern every night. But what if this is the night his liver decides not to spit out some glucose, like it did that one night in January!!!. OMG What do I do.....well I went back to sleep while making this decision, and woke up to another alarm at 6am....Hi predicted. This is what his body does every night.  How can he function in the morning|?? He is so resilient.  Just like Megan...taking the sugar tabs and running back out to stage. So needless to say, we all stayed home today.  Megan becasue she is tired from her long day of dance, Markie becasue he tossed and turned half the night and got horrible sleep, and me well... I'm tired too!! So this is a typical Foisy night.  Mark stays up until midnight, and I take over at midnight, hoping to hear every alarm on the CGM...or hoping God wakes me, like he did that night in January!!

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  1. Aww sorry you had a rough night, and good call on the wait. Sometimes I notice K's CGM shows arrows up (she will be low 200's) I wait a bit and she comes back down to 198 or so....It is not always good to wait, but your Mommy instincts are always a great help!
    Thansk for sharing and I hope you all have a nice relaxing day!