Friday, July 08, 2011

We will make it!

So I just remembered that Megan's 6th year anniversary of diagnosis has come and gone.  On June 29th, 2004, I rec'd probably the most shocking news I had dreaded and watched out for, for 6 years, since she was born.  I always had a gut feeling that it would be my kids that would be diagnosed.  The belief is it skips a generation, and since I wasn't a diabetic yet, I figured it skipped me and was going to be my kiddos.  Well, we sure blew that theory out the window!!! Cause Megan and I were diagnosed within one month of each other.
So, now 7 years later, Megan and I are preparing to travel to a national dance competition in Vegas.  There will be lots of challenges in managing and travelling with diabetes!!  So here's the list of items for carry on....ready!!
6 costumes, tights, shoes, makeup!!
Pump supplies for Megan and me....which means 20 sets and 5 bottles insulin.
glucose tablets
2 glucometers
5 bottles test strips
juice boxes and snacks
letters from docs stating we need to carry all this in our carry on.
Think Ill make it through security??? And this is just the necessities, never mind the stuff to keep us busy for the 4 hour flight to Vegas.
Cant wait though, gonna be a great time. And I have travelled with diabetes supplies many of times, so will survive this one too! Gonna be quite an adventure!
Markie had his 9th birthday on July 4th.  Was a great celebration...fireworks and all!  His anniversary is coming up next month.  It will be 5 years since he was diagnosed.  That has been the easy part of his little life!  His other ailments are more challenging!  I love to read other parents blogs about living with diabetes, and the challenges we all come across.  I get sort of angry, and I really shouldn't, I just want to think your life is bad...look at this poor kiddos, or how about all those children we see at Boston Children's.  Seriously, life could be a lot worst!  I thank God every day for my life, my kids, my husband, my challenges.  I look back and know, I wouldn't change a thing, because life is what makes us who we are. Yes there will be some bumps in the road, we have to make tough choices and decisions, but it all works out in the end.  My husband always says" We will make it, God willing, somehow we will make it!!!"

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