Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we go AGAIN!!!

Well, what a weekend!  My kids are so amazing!! Megan had her softball game Friday night, then had her dance recital Saturday (3.5 hours later), and then she came and stood in the cold misty day at the ADA Tour de Cure volunteering for 6 hours!! Markie did his hip hop routine at the recital, and volunteered as well...but he really just laid on the grass, moaned and groaned and then ate the food!  But really they were soooo good! 
Yes, so another day of volunteering under our belts. I love to work with the ADA, they are raising money for such a great cause....A CURE FOR ALL TYPES OF DIABETES....type one...type 2....type 1.5....gestational...and all the in-betweens!!
See our family fits into all these categories!  We are extremely unique, and have all sorts of crazy antibodies, and pancreas cells!!
We did meet a few new families from the North Shore area, and are looking forward to hooking up with them at some of the ADA events in the future! I think for now, the Foisy's may have a few months off before we need to start raising funds for the walk....Anyone can join us!!!

Well, now for the bad Markie will be having his 5th sinus surgery...His cat Scan showed that he is FULL of polyps again!  Seriously!! Prednisone and 2 surgeries since November....where the heck do all the cells come from....and why are they blocking my son's nose!!!!  So he is back on prednisone, which means the CGM needs to go back on that poor scarred up belly.  I am hoping this one lasts longer that 3 months!!! We are going to be doing a new medication...yes of course its a shot, and I have to bring him to Mass General for it, I think once a month. So add that to the weekly allergy shots, which don't seem to be doing anything!!!

BTW....does anyone want a cat....fat black long haired Penny!!! She has all here shots, she is about 9 years old...LOVES to be patted!  Indoor cat, but she does go in the back yard now.

OK...gotta work now..!!!!

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  1. I don't know how you guys do are all amazing and truly inspirational :)