Thursday, May 05, 2011


Well, yesterday was a busy day.1 doc visit for me, and 2 for Markie.  He got his weekly allergy shots....4 all at different times.  Thye usually have 2 nurses and tag team him, so it is like getting only 2 shots. But guess they were down a nurse today.  He does so good with it though.  Still makes me sad....and mad that he has to go through all this.  Good news is one more week of prednisone and then off.  Keep fingers crossed his nose stays open....Although I am not so positive right I was up all night (for another reason), but while I was up I heard him snoring....☻ Makes me sad because when this starts he usually gets surgery within a month.
Well my blood sugars are whacky...I have been consistently over 300 since last night at supper. I feel horrible, tired, and soooo thirsty.  Sometimes we Moms forget about ourselves, becasue we get so wrapped up in our kiddos.  Well hoping it comes down soon...don't want to start spilling ketones!! No time for Mom to get sick!!!
Megan...God bless her, she was up until 3am doing another project!!! Sixth grade should not take up this much of your life.  I remeber 6th grade clearly, and I didnt do half of what she has done.  Plus she gets highest honors or principal's list each time.  So proud of her!!
OK...Gotta go back to work.  Maybe a nap soon too!!

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