Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday evening...

Well Celtics are on...I love hearing Markie scream at the TV. He is turning into a little man...☺So Markie got diagnosed on August 1.  Just 3 months after he was able to have food with milk protein in it.  See he was allergic, took him off, and 2 years later He had a scope whcih showed his allergy was gone.  So we put him back on milk, re-scoped and he still looked good.  So...we THOUGHT he was doing good, but that was just a dream.  Diabetes in 2008, Insulin pump in 2009, Eosinophilic esophagitis back, 3/2010 and the worst it has ever been.  At this time...March 2010 he also underwent his first of numerous Sinus surgeries, endoscopes, and bronchoscopies.  So, as of today, he is allergic to Milk, eggs, Mushrooms, pineapples, and trees, molds, grass, pollen, oak, cats, and a few more things that I cannot recall.  SO, do you see why I say diabetes is the easy part of our lives.  Markie takes more Medicines than Mark and I combined...and he is still smiling!!!! 3 fractures this year....multiple ER visits....weekly allergy shots (4 that is, 2 shots in each arm)...and too many Doctors visits to list out. Well that sure is the abbreviated version....The Foisy's have been through many scares in 2010, and early 2011....hoping our luck changes soon!!! Oh yes, and Big Mark is still out of work with excruciating back pain, leg and arm numbness from a fall at work into a hole in July2010...Yes the 6'6" man fell into a 4 foot hole, and manged to walk away with fractured ribs, torn meniscus is knee, and multiple level spine problems....But if it weren't for that fall....well who would be home to take care of Markie!!! Mark and I seem to look back and laugh at each and every medical moment.
OK..gotta go watch Game 2 of Celt's! Let's hope for some luck of the Irish!!!♣

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