Monday, June 06, 2011

I am Mark Foisy

I had to post these two poems. Markie wrote these in school.  3rd grade.  These poems tell it all.

I am Poem.
I am amazing and smart.
I wonder why bears walk on 2 legs instead of 4.
I hear the bugs outside.'
I see my dog Harry.
I want my family yo always stay healthy.
I am amazing and smart.

I pretend I am the king.
I feel happy.
I touch clouds.
I worry about if I am going to have to have another surgery.
I cry before I have surgeries.
I am amazing and smart.

I understand God is real.
I say one day I won't have a lot of surgeries.
I dream about being king.
I try to be neat.
I hope my family stays healthy.
I am amzing and smart.


Brother of Megan Foisy
Who loves basketball, video games and TV
Who feels happy about his friends
WHo needs clothes, books and a family
Who gives love, conversation and work
Who fears poisonous snakes, broken bones and hospitals
Who would like to meet Kevin Garnet
Who dreams of living in a mansion
A student Of Mrs. Kinnaly

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