Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snoring Soundly!!!

So much has happened....where to begin!
Megan is a fabulous...ultimate gold dancer!!! She has a great little group of friends, and stays out of the middle school drama...THANKS GOODNESS!!
She is on a new venture...and is going to take diabetes awareness to a new level.  More to come....can't spill the beans, this is an amazing and creative project!!!

Markie....poor Markie.  He is sleeping snoring, ever so slightly behind me right now in his ever so familiar Boston Children's bed.  Best nursing staff and residents in Boston!!!

Dr. Volk has miraculously fixed him for the 8th time!  Yes 8th time!  The good news is it has been 10 months since the last sinus surgery!!!! let's add Celiac's to Markie's list!  But he has accepted this and moved on as always!  This kid is absolutely resilient to anything God throws his way.  With the support of a fabulous medical team at Children's, and the Shea and Foisy well as the Brown School family and mothers....we could never have survived these past few challenging months!!!

Brown school rocks!!!  ADA rocks!!! Family rocks!!! Love you all!!!!

More to come as Markie recovers and Megan starts her creative project!!!!

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