Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Belly!

Well, Markie has been using the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) off and on now since February.  We put him on it becasue of the seizure he had from the God Awful LOW!  It has been a useful tool in showing the trends his blood sugar does. He goes from 300 at midnight to 60 around 3am, then back up to 100's...with no bolusing and various rates on his basal for night time. CRAZY!!! Well anyways, his belly looks horrible from all th CGM sites. I am using bactroban, but not working. I am afraid this may be scarring his belly. I mean, not that he's going to be any swimsuit model some day, but I dont want his belley looking like he has some crazy diaease/skin disorder either!  So if anyone out there, reading these blogs has any tips, please comment me back!!!

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