Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Own Private Idaho!!!

So another month has come and gone.....along with 50 pounds from me!!!! YEAH!!! Things are going smooth....Learning how to eat again was fun!! Had a little set back, and had to get a dilation of my esophagus..but on the right track now! Exercising again too!! Life is good!

I love December!!! But I dont like this unseasonably warm weather!!

I brought Megan to Nutcracker on Sunday and we didn't even wear coats!  For some reason I would have rather of had a just didn't feel right!  None the less it was fabulous!

Megan is 13....yes I have a teenager!! But I have a sweet, smart, beautiful, charming, delighful, loving....13 year old teenager!! surgeries since May!!! WOOOHOOO...but we are dealing with a blood sugar over 600 right now....injured foot......tons of make up work from 1.5 weeks of missed school...and now not going to school tomorrow. Gotta have the foot xrayed and its monthly allergy shots day!!!

Never a dull moment!!

Whats even crazier is he is listening to b-52's right now.  We are looking up state capitals and Idaho came had to listen to "Private Idaho"...LOLLLL and he is 9!!

The ADA walk came and left!  Markie and Megan were the ambassadors! Was a great day for Team Fighting Foisy's...over 2000 raised and still counting!!  Markies school is doing a "Dimes for Diabetes" collection.  It was suppose to be for November, but I am going to give them one more week of collecting!! Thank you Brown School!!! Rock Lobstah!!! Everyone get up and dance....hoping he plays love shack next ; )

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