Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, Thank goodness it is Friday.  Markie is off to the YMCA with Uncle Evan...let's hope his pump stays on.  Not sure how he can swim when he cannot breathe through his nose.  He did his pre-op stuff today for his 6th sinus surgery on Wednesday.  Let's hope for a fun weekend before then!! Still need to make a decision about the medicine.  Big Mark is reading all the material now so we can decide.  It is Xolair, if anyone has any info!
 Also, still have a black cat for anyone!

 Sorry...not much going on ....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So Markie had yet another restless night.  Tossing and turning, snoring, sleep apnea....I don't know how he can function BUT sent him off to school anyways. There is no way he will absorb any new education the school has to offer him today, but at least he won't have 40 absences...only 39! lolll YES at least 39 absences this year, and I am sure I miscounted and it is in the 40's.  Thank God Peabody supplied him with a tutor for 3 hours a week. She is the reason Markie will be moving on to 4th grade.
I got home from work at 830pm, Markie is miserable at counter putting ice on his nose trying to make his sinus pain go away.  I told him the surgery is for NEXT Wed, and he just had a meltdown, "I cannot make it that long Mom!".....ARGH!!!

Where can I bring him to get away from all these allergies!! IS that the answer.  They want to give him this drug, which could cause a sever allergic reaction...DO I GIVE IT???
Can we hold off on the surgery, like the allergist wants to do??  But the ENT and Markie want to do it!  And then on top of it all is his diabetes....throw prednisone in there and that is now out of control...which is the only thing I can control on him!!!

OK enough whining!  Looking forward to Megan's softball game.  Hoping and praying Markie makes it through this school day. 
Don't forget, big Mark had his injections in his back...I really do hope it helps him!  This guy NEEDS to get back to work!! I love having him own nanny/cook...but he needs to get back to work, for his sanity!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we go AGAIN!!!

Well, what a weekend!  My kids are so amazing!! Megan had her softball game Friday night, then had her dance recital Saturday (3.5 hours later), and then she came and stood in the cold misty day at the ADA Tour de Cure volunteering for 6 hours!! Markie did his hip hop routine at the recital, and volunteered as well...but he really just laid on the grass, moaned and groaned and then ate the food!  But really they were soooo good! 
Yes, so another day of volunteering under our belts. I love to work with the ADA, they are raising money for such a great cause....A CURE FOR ALL TYPES OF DIABETES....type one...type 2....type 1.5....gestational...and all the in-betweens!!
See our family fits into all these categories!  We are extremely unique, and have all sorts of crazy antibodies, and pancreas cells!!
We did meet a few new families from the North Shore area, and are looking forward to hooking up with them at some of the ADA events in the future! I think for now, the Foisy's may have a few months off before we need to start raising funds for the walk....Anyone can join us!!!

Well, now for the bad Markie will be having his 5th sinus surgery...His cat Scan showed that he is FULL of polyps again!  Seriously!! Prednisone and 2 surgeries since November....where the heck do all the cells come from....and why are they blocking my son's nose!!!!  So he is back on prednisone, which means the CGM needs to go back on that poor scarred up belly.  I am hoping this one lasts longer that 3 months!!! We are going to be doing a new medication...yes of course its a shot, and I have to bring him to Mass General for it, I think once a month. So add that to the weekly allergy shots, which don't seem to be doing anything!!!

BTW....does anyone want a cat....fat black long haired Penny!!! She has all here shots, she is about 9 years old...LOVES to be patted!  Indoor cat, but she does go in the back yard now.

OK...gotta work now..!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Belly!

Well, Markie has been using the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) off and on now since February.  We put him on it becasue of the seizure he had from the God Awful LOW!  It has been a useful tool in showing the trends his blood sugar does. He goes from 300 at midnight to 60 around 3am, then back up to 100's...with no bolusing and various rates on his basal for night time. CRAZY!!! Well anyways, his belly looks horrible from all th CGM sites. I am using bactroban, but not working. I am afraid this may be scarring his belly. I mean, not that he's going to be any swimsuit model some day, but I dont want his belley looking like he has some crazy diaease/skin disorder either!  So if anyone out there, reading these blogs has any tips, please comment me back!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another bad night

I don't know how Markie can function.  His nose is completely blocked again.  He is begging me to have the sinus surgery again.  He has had 5 FESS in the past 12 months. I am not joking!  I have begged his doctor to please figure out something different. I have tears in my eyes all day today at work, just thinking about my poor kiddo at home, still trying to get some sleep.  He only gets about 4 hours a night.  The prednisone was weaned off because of his bone breaks.  He was on prednisone since November. I am sure that he will get a FESS in next week or two, and will be going back on prednisone. This is not the life for an 8 year old boy.  Diabetes is the easy part of his life right now.  The allergy shots don't seem to be doing anything yet. He has had 7 months worth already. 
He has been to 5 doctors for this.  And each one keeps saying we are doing all we can do.  I just want a miracle fix so my kiddo can play, run, do sports, go to school!!!
Does anyone have any ideas??
Has anyone heard of something like this...sever allergies, causing polyps and swelling, and thick secretions reulting in blocked maxillary, frontal and ethmoid sinuses...requiring a FESS (sinus clean out surgery) every 3-4 months??? 
Markie needs a miracle now!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh what a Night!!!

So....thought I'd get to bed and get a good nights sleep. NOT!! Markie decided to sleep in my bed because he was scared. This happens off and on since his seizure in January from a sever low blood sugar.  And of course Mark and I don't argue.  If he is right nest to me, then I can wake to his Continuous blood monitor when it alarms. Well, it alarmed all night.  Midnight he is high...check his blood sugar and he is 351. Then I cannot get back to sleep because the poor kiddos nose is completely stuffed and swollen again, so he snores and tossed and turns. Finally at 1am, I get him on his side in a perfect spot where he is not snoring. YEAH!!! Sleep...until 430 am when the CGM alarms because he is going too low.  Check his blood it is 110. PERFECT! But it has 1 arrow down, which means he is dropping. SO now at 430 am I need to make a lifethreatening or saving decision. And on 4 hours sleep. DO I wake him, give him sugar tablets, and then risk not being able to get back to sleep, or let him go. See if I let him go, I know his liver is gonna kick in and spit out some glucose. The CGM has shown me that pattern every night. But what if this is the night his liver decides not to spit out some glucose, like it did that one night in January!!!. OMG What do I do.....well I went back to sleep while making this decision, and woke up to another alarm at 6am....Hi predicted. This is what his body does every night.  How can he function in the morning|?? He is so resilient.  Just like Megan...taking the sugar tabs and running back out to stage. So needless to say, we all stayed home today.  Megan becasue she is tired from her long day of dance, Markie becasue he tossed and turned half the night and got horrible sleep, and me well... I'm tired too!! So this is a typical Foisy night.  Mark stays up until midnight, and I take over at midnight, hoping to hear every alarm on the CGM...or hoping God wakes me, like he did that night in January!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, what a way to end the weekend.  Megan got 5 golds at her competition. And yesterday was 4 softball games...I'm exhausted!!! Meg is too! Well she did great with the "d" management as well.  Only had 2 low's..sucked down the sugar tabs, threw some in the pocket of her costume and right back out on stage!  She is amazing. I really don't know how she does it. When I go lo...I can't do ANYTHING!! She eats the sugar tabs and is right back at it, whether it be softball, dance, shooting hoops with her brother!! She is a special girl! We enjoy our dance days together!! Can't wait or Vegas in July!


Well, today is Megans dance competition, one of 4 this year.  I always have trouble deciding if we should keep the pump on or go with Lantus.  She dances all day, snacks in between.  The pump comes off when she is on stage, then right back on.  Personally I would rather do the Lantus, but Megan does not.  We'll see how it goes!! Markie is finally playing baseball...all broken bones on the mend..for now! Now Markie loves lantus and would rather have that than shots.  I may let him try this summer.  He gives his own shots when he is on Lantus, so may be a good thing for him! Gives him some control over his own diabetes and no annoying CGM beeping.

Ok off we go!!

BTW Prednisone has finally been stopped for Markie. YEAH!!! Downside is his nose is stuffy and surgery again soon...Hoping he can make until end of June..Keep those positive thoughts coming! Really not looking forward to another sleepless night in those lovely hospital chair beds!!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

I cannot figure this picture thing out

It is going to be a long while before I get those pictures on here of the night of Megans diagnosis.  I am getting a little aggravated.
It was quite the night as I said...and she doesnt look ill at all.  In fact, after we met our Endocrinologist, we went to North Conway for a week.  We spent 4 days with the Shea's...and 2 nights with Abby and William...Meagn and Markies lifelong friends....and their Mom, my lifelong friend Kristen.  We had a great time!

Aside from the fact I had to bring Megan to ER for fever and earache...of course she was gonna get ill...We were on vacation!! Actually I think both kids were ill...and in the ER. Funny how these things all come back to you!

Well, Megan has only had a few illnesses...Markies are all a blur.OK...will try again tomorrow!!!


Well, yesterday was a busy day.1 doc visit for me, and 2 for Markie.  He got his weekly allergy shots....4 all at different times.  Thye usually have 2 nurses and tag team him, so it is like getting only 2 shots. But guess they were down a nurse today.  He does so good with it though.  Still makes me sad....and mad that he has to go through all this.  Good news is one more week of prednisone and then off.  Keep fingers crossed his nose stays open....Although I am not so positive right I was up all night (for another reason), but while I was up I heard him snoring....☻ Makes me sad because when this starts he usually gets surgery within a month.
Well my blood sugars are whacky...I have been consistently over 300 since last night at supper. I feel horrible, tired, and soooo thirsty.  Sometimes we Moms forget about ourselves, becasue we get so wrapped up in our kiddos.  Well hoping it comes down soon...don't want to start spilling ketones!! No time for Mom to get sick!!!
Megan...God bless her, she was up until 3am doing another project!!! Sixth grade should not take up this much of your life.  I remeber 6th grade clearly, and I didnt do half of what she has done.  Plus she gets highest honors or principal's list each time.  So proud of her!!
OK...Gotta go back to work.  Maybe a nap soon too!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday evening...

Well Celtics are on...I love hearing Markie scream at the TV. He is turning into a little man...☺So Markie got diagnosed on August 1.  Just 3 months after he was able to have food with milk protein in it.  See he was allergic, took him off, and 2 years later He had a scope whcih showed his allergy was gone.  So we put him back on milk, re-scoped and he still looked good.  So...we THOUGHT he was doing good, but that was just a dream.  Diabetes in 2008, Insulin pump in 2009, Eosinophilic esophagitis back, 3/2010 and the worst it has ever been.  At this time...March 2010 he also underwent his first of numerous Sinus surgeries, endoscopes, and bronchoscopies.  So, as of today, he is allergic to Milk, eggs, Mushrooms, pineapples, and trees, molds, grass, pollen, oak, cats, and a few more things that I cannot recall.  SO, do you see why I say diabetes is the easy part of our lives.  Markie takes more Medicines than Mark and I combined...and he is still smiling!!!! 3 fractures this year....multiple ER visits....weekly allergy shots (4 that is, 2 shots in each arm)...and too many Doctors visits to list out. Well that sure is the abbreviated version....The Foisy's have been through many scares in 2010, and early 2011....hoping our luck changes soon!!! Oh yes, and Big Mark is still out of work with excruciating back pain, leg and arm numbness from a fall at work into a hole in July2010...Yes the 6'6" man fell into a 4 foot hole, and manged to walk away with fractured ribs, torn meniscus is knee, and multiple level spine problems....But if it weren't for that fall....well who would be home to take care of Markie!!! Mark and I seem to look back and laugh at each and every medical moment.
OK..gotta go watch Game 2 of Celt's! Let's hope for some luck of the Irish!!!♣

Tuesday May 3, 2011

Well, I haven't figured out how to get the pictures on of the day Megan was diagnosed, so bear with me.  I will also put up a lside show of our first advocacy adventure with the ADA.  We went to Capitol Hill in D.C. This was such a memorable moment in our lives.  Before doing the political thing, we got to do some sight seeing.  We had missed the cherry blossoms, but it was beautiful.  The strongest and most touching memory I have is the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier.  Markie was 5 years old, and he was awe strucken by this event.  We had to drag him away from the tomb so we could move on.  He was quiet, well behaved, and just fascinated by the whole scene.  When we got back on the bus, he turned and looked at me and said "Mommy....I want to be a soldier for the tomb some day!"  It took all my energy to hold in my sorrow.  Markie CANNOT serve in the military becasue of his diabetes.  This is a moment in our lives I will never forget.  Who would have ever thought, I, as a mother, would WANT my child to serve in the military.  I guess it is just as the saying goes, "you always want what you cannt have!!"  Well, off to work I go.
I will try and get those pictures up this afternoon!!  Peace, Love and Insulin.....Kim ( I stole that saying, it is not my own ☺, gotta love Clara Barton Camp for Diabetes).

Monday, May 02, 2011

Our History

Hello...Welcome to my life!  My mother keeps telling me I should write a book, so this is how I will do it.
It all started June 30, 2004.  That was the day Megan was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  I will never forget the moment...I checked her blood sugar after we had a wonderful evening out on a whale watch.  Check out the pictures in my photos. Seh doesn't look sick at all, does she!  Nope! Because I was neurotic and caught it right away. I called her peditrician, ran outside, screamed and cried, and then called my mom.  She came right over and came with us to the ER.  Mark stayed home with Markie, as he was only 2 years old.  Now that I think about it..I can't believe I left poor Mark behind!
 The Doctors and nurses were fabulous. I worked with them. Megan came home with me, and we immediately went into Joslin the next day.  We met with the diabetes educator, and had an appointment in 2 weeks to meet our new lifelong friend, Dr. Lori Laffell.  She already knew me, as she was my sister's endocrinologist and she took us right on, even though she was closed to new patient's. went on. Megan adjusted so well.  Mark and I went through a lot of education and challenges.  Mark is the best Dad, I could never have lived through this life without him.
So 2 years later, August 1, 2006, little Markie was diagnosed. Again, I was neurotic and caught it very early.  He was able to come home with us. We managed him at home, adn got into to see Dr. Laffell the following week.  When Markie was diagnosed, he was actually happy.  At this point in time he was the oddball.  Mark, myself and Megan were all counting carbs, and bolusing through pump or injection.

Flash forward to 2008.  This is when we became very active with the American Diabetes Association.  They have supported and educated us on advocacy, politics, health, school policies, and so much more. post I will tell you about schools and diabetes and how to advocate for your child rights!!!