Thursday, June 09, 2011

16 wonderful, loving , challenging years

Well, today is Mark and my 16th wedding anniversary.  In the hustle of our busy hectic lives, I almost forgot!  I will never forget that of the best days of our lives.  It was a beautiful hot day...I believe it was in the 90's, but I was in such a daze, that the heat never bothered me!! I had a long sleeve wedding gown on, made by my mother!!  A great family friend, Barbara Downey, God rest her soul, helped make the train of my gown.  I will post a pic later today....

I remember the ride to the church, walking down the meet the man of my life..and he looked TOTALLY different.  I couldn't figure it out until I got right next to him....HE BOUGHT NEW GLASSES on the day of our wedding. had all that time on your hands to purchase new glasses.  God I love him....some of the things he does may be a little outrageous, but he does them to make everyone happy!! Well, I got a good laugh and have a great story to keep telling for the years to come!
So it is 16 years later....where has the time gone! 
Well we've had 2 houses, but sold 2 also, had to sell the Foisy's home so Connie a Rolly could move in with us. 
We have 2 beautiful wonderful children.
We have had 2 cats, and 2 dogs.
We have had multiple fish!
We have gone on many fabulous vacations, with and without the kids, with many more to come.
We have lived through GRAD school.  Those were challenging years!
We have lived through all 4 diagnosis of diabetes and all the ups and downs that come with it.
We have lived through Many health concerns.
We have lived through the fear of losing jobs.
The list goes on.....If we can survive all this, we can certainly make it another 16 years!!
Kim Shea-Foisy

Looking forward to the rest of our difficult, challenging, loving rest of our lives!!!!

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