Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Burn out.....again!!!

Well...I think I have finally reached some sort of burn out...School has ended. Markie tipped the scale with 47 absences....but is moving on to 4th grade! Thanks to the tutoring and constant battle of keeping him up to date with the work! Megan had an awesome successful first year of middle school. Highest honors 3 quarters and Principals list once.  I am so proud of her!!
 Megan has had 2 more dance competitions, and we are heading to Vegas in 2 weeks for Nationals competition with her team.  Cant wait! Gonna be great fun...but busy...busy..busy. Will be just the girls for this trip. Nanny and Kenzie joining us...YEAH!!!  Markie is status quo...never made it back to baseball after last surgery.
So what else can I it's a different battle. Keeping the kiddos occupied.  Keeping blood sugars stable. Keeping moods stable.  Keeping Markie breathing!! ARGH!!! The pumping isnt going too well when he is swimming.  But Megan does fine.  Megan has a great sense of her body, and her blood sugars.  Markie can go from >600 to <100 in 2 hours...and not feel a thing.  HOW!! When I am over 250 I feel it, I have a headache, nausea, etc.  Then when you over cover, the low feeling shaky, hungry, feeling like you will pass out.  But he feels NOTHING. I do see it in his mood, but then again, he could be a 9 year old boy just being moody.
We still have not found the CGM. I wonder how long do I have to wait to try and get another one?  Maybe I will get one for myself and use it on Markie.   I would also love to get one for Megan.  Oh Megan....she is still not putting in her own pump.  She gets so nervous and worked up...Mark and I need to do it.  I am hoping this ends soon.  Its not a big deal, I just hate to see her anxious and nervous about it. how do you train a 9 year old to realize that we do not make him do all these medicines, saline nasal rinses, weekly allergy shots, constant blood sugars, pump changes, carb counting, etc....all for his health.  Every night it is the same battle, whining, crying, time outs for Mommy and Daddy....Hoping it all turns around some day....'cause the Foisy's are burnt!!!

I know one day it will all be history....And I'll write a book!!!

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