Monday, September 26, 2011


Markie is miserable. Just got out of doc and she said It's allergies...No SH"*!  He is complaining of a heavy chest and cant stop coughing....he needs a treatment.."No, he is not wheezing"...I know we just told you he is a cougher, he coughs, does not wheeze!! We have been through this a million times!!!

This is the argument my husband was having with his PCP.  Why do that just not get it. Markie is a complex case of allergies/asthsma.diabetes/HES...Mom and Dad know what works. The inhaler isnt working so he needs a nebulizer. He is already on prednisone....cannto take over the counter allergy meds...maxed out on everything.

Well he left office with no treatment! ARGH!!! So now home to do a saline neb instead.  Poor bugger!!!

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