Sunday, October 09, 2011

Baby Steps!!

Well...6 days post op and all is well.  No complications yet. The nausea is tolerable now, hopefully diappearing soon.  My belly looks good.  I am forcing my self to get in water, and still have not managed to get in enough,    64 oz of fluids a day is my minimum. Yikes!! I can only take sips becasue my new "pouch" wont handle more than that.  If I take too big a sip I can feel the cramping as it tries to move on through.  Wierd feeling, but not paibful, just yet.  I will def. need to be conscious of my bites as I eat..need to take small bite and REALLY chew...chew...chew...!!
I am totally exhausted all day long!!  Morning seems to be my best time so far.  I am up 7am, feel pretty good. Walk around the house a little, cleaning picking up little things.  By 11 am I am ready to zonk out!  AND I can sleep for almst 4 hours!! This is def. not normal for me....I hope it goes away soon!!
I did hear from everyone about this feeling. 
So looking forward to my week ahead.  Gonna try some pureed foods, see what I can tolerate.  Hoping to go for a walk. And continue to catch up on all my tv sitcoms!!
Loving this rest!!

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