Monday, May 02, 2011

Our History

Hello...Welcome to my life!  My mother keeps telling me I should write a book, so this is how I will do it.
It all started June 30, 2004.  That was the day Megan was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  I will never forget the moment...I checked her blood sugar after we had a wonderful evening out on a whale watch.  Check out the pictures in my photos. Seh doesn't look sick at all, does she!  Nope! Because I was neurotic and caught it right away. I called her peditrician, ran outside, screamed and cried, and then called my mom.  She came right over and came with us to the ER.  Mark stayed home with Markie, as he was only 2 years old.  Now that I think about it..I can't believe I left poor Mark behind!
 The Doctors and nurses were fabulous. I worked with them. Megan came home with me, and we immediately went into Joslin the next day.  We met with the diabetes educator, and had an appointment in 2 weeks to meet our new lifelong friend, Dr. Lori Laffell.  She already knew me, as she was my sister's endocrinologist and she took us right on, even though she was closed to new patient's. went on. Megan adjusted so well.  Mark and I went through a lot of education and challenges.  Mark is the best Dad, I could never have lived through this life without him.
So 2 years later, August 1, 2006, little Markie was diagnosed. Again, I was neurotic and caught it very early.  He was able to come home with us. We managed him at home, adn got into to see Dr. Laffell the following week.  When Markie was diagnosed, he was actually happy.  At this point in time he was the oddball.  Mark, myself and Megan were all counting carbs, and bolusing through pump or injection.

Flash forward to 2008.  This is when we became very active with the American Diabetes Association.  They have supported and educated us on advocacy, politics, health, school policies, and so much more. post I will tell you about schools and diabetes and how to advocate for your child rights!!! 

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  1. This is the first I've stumbled across your family's D-blog, but even though I'm several months late I wanted to say thanks for sharing your story here. It's unfortunate we're all united by diabetes, but what a wonderful resource we have in the ever-expanding Diabetes Online Community! I'll look forward to reading more, and hopefully keeping in touch through the blogosphere and online universe. Best your way!