Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So Markie had yet another restless night.  Tossing and turning, snoring, sleep apnea....I don't know how he can function BUT sent him off to school anyways. There is no way he will absorb any new education the school has to offer him today, but at least he won't have 40 absences...only 39! lolll YES at least 39 absences this year, and I am sure I miscounted and it is in the 40's.  Thank God Peabody supplied him with a tutor for 3 hours a week. She is the reason Markie will be moving on to 4th grade.
I got home from work at 830pm, Markie is miserable at counter putting ice on his nose trying to make his sinus pain go away.  I told him the surgery is for NEXT Wed, and he just had a meltdown, "I cannot make it that long Mom!".....ARGH!!!

Where can I bring him to get away from all these allergies!! IS that the answer.  They want to give him this drug, which could cause a sever allergic reaction...DO I GIVE IT???
Can we hold off on the surgery, like the allergist wants to do??  But the ENT and Markie want to do it!  And then on top of it all is his diabetes....throw prednisone in there and that is now out of control...which is the only thing I can control on him!!!

OK enough whining!  Looking forward to Megan's softball game.  Hoping and praying Markie makes it through this school day. 
Don't forget, big Mark had his injections in his back...I really do hope it helps him!  This guy NEEDS to get back to work!! I love having him own nanny/cook...but he needs to get back to work, for his sanity!!

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