Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snoring Soundly!!!

So much has happened....where to begin!
Megan is a fabulous...ultimate gold dancer!!! She has a great little group of friends, and stays out of the middle school drama...THANKS GOODNESS!!
She is on a new venture...and is going to take diabetes awareness to a new level.  More to come....can't spill the beans, this is an amazing and creative project!!!

Markie....poor Markie.  He is sleeping snoring, ever so slightly behind me right now in his ever so familiar Boston Children's bed.  Best nursing staff and residents in Boston!!!

Dr. Volk has miraculously fixed him for the 8th time!  Yes 8th time!  The good news is it has been 10 months since the last sinus surgery!!!! let's add Celiac's to Markie's list!  But he has accepted this and moved on as always!  This kid is absolutely resilient to anything God throws his way.  With the support of a fabulous medical team at Children's, and the Shea and Foisy well as the Brown School family and mothers....we could never have survived these past few challenging months!!!

Brown school rocks!!!  ADA rocks!!! Family rocks!!! Love you all!!!!

More to come as Markie recovers and Megan starts her creative project!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Blast

WHat a fabulous weekend!

I turned 21 for the 21st time.  Had a great weekend full of family and fun.

Megan made the best gluten free, dairy free cake!  Everyone had a piece! Delish!

Rockettes was fun...Mom made the best dinner!

Wish Conway could have made the sleep over last night.  Apparently he couldn't sleep because Markie was walking around on our hard wood floors with his cast on.  Conway said it "was annoying!!!".  Gotta love him!! So Uncle Mark brought him home at midnight!  Sorry Nel...was trying to let you get a good nights sleep...but that fell through...

I got the best present from Conway....Such a handsome pic!  I cant figure out where to put it. Diabetes....well we moved all our diabetic supplies down to the laundry room.  4 shelves FULL of CGM, pump, blood sugar, ketone supplies. See the pic I posted!!!
 I finally have my linen closet back...YEAH!!! I am sure all you Moms...on 3 month mail order supplies can appreciate this!
Well we have 4 pumpers on 3 month supplies! YIKES!!!
I have no fruit or veggie drawer in my fridge...its all insulin, pens, glucagon....Told hubby we need to build an extra room for the supplies.
Megan said "Yeah like the extreme couponers...but we are just extreme diabetes!!!"
Oh and Markie is in a half leg cast AGAIN!!! in 2 weeks, then orthotics and pyhsical therapy...all for a sprain!!! No break....I wish it was a break...would have made healing easier!

One week till Christmas!! 2 weeks until no more cast. One more week gluten free!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Has anyone ever even heard of such a thing??  Poor Markie.  What is he going to be able to eat??
So 200$ later and I got some gluten free stuff BUT it has egg in it!  Where do I draw the line.  The kid is gonna have to eat cardboard for the rest of his life!!!

We made some great cookies last night...gluten egg and milk free...and now gonna have to work with the school on letting him bring in some homemade foods.  What am I going to do!!  Just spoke with school nurse, who is awesome!!!

If this gluten free works, then the allergist is just going to have to let him have eggs back. It is nearly impossible to do all of this.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!!

So we started the family meeting this week....per Megan and Markie request.  This may end up being a good thing.  It helps them to talk with one another and work out some problems...with Mom and Dad right there.  Its really good for the whole family.  Come with an agenda...dont be critical, just be matter of factly and things can change for the better!! Markie is already making some great changes!  I am trying really hard.  I am liking this....and like it even better that it came from Megan and Markie! Kind of like my whole work life....changes work best when they come from the staff nurse!!!

Love it when things move in the right direction....but always a bump in the road to deal with....and once again The Foisys Will Fight and WIN!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Own Private Idaho!!!

So another month has come and gone.....along with 50 pounds from me!!!! YEAH!!! Things are going smooth....Learning how to eat again was fun!! Had a little set back, and had to get a dilation of my esophagus..but on the right track now! Exercising again too!! Life is good!

I love December!!! But I dont like this unseasonably warm weather!!

I brought Megan to Nutcracker on Sunday and we didn't even wear coats!  For some reason I would have rather of had a just didn't feel right!  None the less it was fabulous!

Megan is 13....yes I have a teenager!! But I have a sweet, smart, beautiful, charming, delighful, loving....13 year old teenager!! surgeries since May!!! WOOOHOOO...but we are dealing with a blood sugar over 600 right now....injured foot......tons of make up work from 1.5 weeks of missed school...and now not going to school tomorrow. Gotta have the foot xrayed and its monthly allergy shots day!!!

Never a dull moment!!

Whats even crazier is he is listening to b-52's right now.  We are looking up state capitals and Idaho came had to listen to "Private Idaho"...LOLLLL and he is 9!!

The ADA walk came and left!  Markie and Megan were the ambassadors! Was a great day for Team Fighting Foisy's...over 2000 raised and still counting!!  Markies school is doing a "Dimes for Diabetes" collection.  It was suppose to be for November, but I am going to give them one more week of collecting!! Thank you Brown School!!! Rock Lobstah!!! Everyone get up and dance....hoping he plays love shack next ; )

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall, My favorite time of year!

I am so glad I had this surgery in the fall. I love fall weather, colors, and fun activities.  Have done some fall foliage sight seeing, but only locally. Was hoping to go for a ride with hubby, but looks like it will not happen....because...I AM GOING BACK TO WORK!!! And yes I am happy.  I need structure in my life, and this is the only way I will accomplish it.  I am 3 weeks post bypass and feel great!  I think I have gotten this nausea thing under control.  The key is fluids!! I needed to drink like 20 ounces more a day!
I went to my first exercise class and support group today. I was able to ride 4 miles on the stationary bike, which I think is pretty damn good 3 weeks post op.

We all did the ADA diabetes walk Saturday.  It was great! Team fighting Foisy's raised over 2,000...and Megan and Markie were the grand marshalls!  They started the walk off with Vince Wilfork! WHat an amazing day. It was so great to see the kids in the limelight!  Check out the pictures I posted!!

Markie and Mark are off to Boston Childrens right now for Markie's sleep study.  Seriously, if he needs CPAP, then Megan and I are moving out! LOLLL I really dont think he needs CPAP, I think he needs his polyps removed again....and he needs to stick with his sinus rinses and pulmicort instillations.  But what do I know....I am only the mother that listens to his breathing every day!!!!

Why is it that a 9 year old doesnt understand preventative medicine.  If I had a nickel for every argument over the sinus rinses, I'd be a millionaire.  He just doesnt understand that if he kept it up AND the steroid in his nose, then we may not be in this postion again.  AND I do not believe in the check chart and reward system anymore!!! We have done it with him for 3 months now and no improvement.  So do I give up or continue the checks and rewards....and then once the reward is given, we are back to arguing over doing it all again!  ARGH!!!!

Looking forward to a peacful night with no snoring and no CPAP!!! YEAH!!! But I do love my guys!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Baby Steps!!

Well...6 days post op and all is well.  No complications yet. The nausea is tolerable now, hopefully diappearing soon.  My belly looks good.  I am forcing my self to get in water, and still have not managed to get in enough,    64 oz of fluids a day is my minimum. Yikes!! I can only take sips becasue my new "pouch" wont handle more than that.  If I take too big a sip I can feel the cramping as it tries to move on through.  Wierd feeling, but not paibful, just yet.  I will def. need to be conscious of my bites as I eat..need to take small bite and REALLY chew...chew...chew...!!
I am totally exhausted all day long!!  Morning seems to be my best time so far.  I am up 7am, feel pretty good. Walk around the house a little, cleaning picking up little things.  By 11 am I am ready to zonk out!  AND I can sleep for almst 4 hours!! This is def. not normal for me....I hope it goes away soon!!
I did hear from everyone about this feeling. 
So looking forward to my week ahead.  Gonna try some pureed foods, see what I can tolerate.  Hoping to go for a walk. And continue to catch up on all my tv sitcoms!!
Loving this rest!!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

A New Beginning

Tomorrow is the day.  There is no turning back now. One month of liquids, well I had few days in the middle where I ate some healthy foods....7 months of preperation...nutrition counseling, exercise monitoring, insurance flaws...and the day is here! 1pm will be here before I know it!! Hoping the surgery goes smoothly, and the recover is uneventful!
We start the day at Marks Lawyer!  We have a deal...and it includes Mark getting his job back!  Thank goodness!  So he will have another few injections in his back, some more therapy and then back to work! WOOOHOOO.
Markie is on a 5 day antibiotic course.  Hopefully this will work, if not then OR for him in 2-3 weeks!
So off to take some pre gastric bypass pictures.  I cannot wait to follow my journey.  I cannot wait to be able to jog, ride a bike again, play with the kids!! I am back on track exercising...but this will be excellent.

A few years back, I promised Megan we would swim with the dolphins for her 16th birthday...well she will be 13 in one month!  I WILL be swimming and dancing with those dolphins with her in 3 Aruba!! Her request!!  Hopefully Big Mark will follow the same path as me, once he is settled back into work...his weight loss journey will begin.