Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, today is Megans dance competition, one of 4 this year.  I always have trouble deciding if we should keep the pump on or go with Lantus.  She dances all day, snacks in between.  The pump comes off when she is on stage, then right back on.  Personally I would rather do the Lantus, but Megan does not.  We'll see how it goes!! Markie is finally playing baseball...all broken bones on the mend..for now! Now Markie loves lantus and would rather have that than shots.  I may let him try this summer.  He gives his own shots when he is on Lantus, so may be a good thing for him! Gives him some control over his own diabetes and no annoying CGM beeping.

Ok off we go!!

BTW Prednisone has finally been stopped for Markie. YEAH!!! Downside is his nose is stuffy and surgery again soon...Hoping he can make until end of June..Keep those positive thoughts coming! Really not looking forward to another sleepless night in those lovely hospital chair beds!!

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